Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sky Watch no 4 – Friday 27. March 2009

Let me present you to Eeyore. It’s one of Eeyore’s tranquille moments where worries are forgotten.
Maison Tranquille Eeyore 20090311_Vue-Midi_001_1
Here is Eeyore zoomed in so you can enjoy the face with the nostrils,
Maison Tranquille Eyore-20090311_Vue-MidiThese two pictures are also taken with my Ixus 75. It’s always with me in the garden and on short trips. It’s also more discrete than my EOS 400D in places with a lot of people. Both of them should perhaps be shifted out with more fancy ones, but I’ve sort of grown attached to them :).
Eeyore is called Tussi in Norwegian. In French I don’t know. I should probably read Winnie the Pooh in French. Another time, another life. Just now I watch the sky.
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