Thursday, 12 March 2009

My World – A little peak of the Pyrenées

I want to show you what’s behind our southern horizon.
Maison Tranquille 20090310_Vue-Matin_002_1
On the road to Peyrefitte du Razès is a sign for a sentier to Cuercorb. Cuercorb is the name of an area with 14 communities north-west of Aude and Languedoc-Rossillon.
When I’m a couple of hundred meters up the road, I get a peak of the Pyrenées. It’s a warm T-shirt day the 10th of March.
More close up….
Maison Tranquille 20090310_Pyrenenee_5
Here is the road to the last places where the Cathars were living in the 13th. century when they finally were burned on stakes by the Catholic’s Inquisition. Those few who chose to convert to Catholisism got a yellow star to wear to show and they had to report to the authorities in Pamier every month. From the small places they lived to Pamier it took several days to walk.
Here we can see the last castle, Mont Segur.
At the foothill of Mont Segur is this monoment placed were the last Cathars were burned to death. The history tells there were a dark smog in the valley and a very bad smell for a long time.
In this valley is the little village Mont Segur
The Pyrenées
A great feeling to lean into the wall and look down and around the corner.
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