Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My World no 7

Another town I’m getting in love with is Limoux. The town is also located in Languedoc-Roussillon and in the department Aude, just like La Pène and 25 min away.
When I take the road over the “sunrise ridge”, I get to Alaigne and further to Limoux, one of many medieval towns in France. These pictures from Limoux you will not find in the tourist brochures. Nowadays it’s so easy to google all the official and touristic information you need. The daily life is different. So, take a little walk with me.
I usually park outside the town centre and walk in. When I’m going in from a side that is new to me, I take pictures so it is easy to come back out again the same way. It is many small Citroëns so loosing my car wouldn’t be difficult.
Fra Limoux
I think I will recognize these buildings on my way back
Fra Limoux
This is the centre square and were the weekly market on Fridays take place.
It’s cafés around the square, so when you want a coffee it’s ok to take the dog with you in when it’s cold.
Fra Limoux
The church in Limoux is from the same period and architecture as the church in Mirepoix
Behind the church is the river Aude. When we cross the bridge we find another part of Limoux. Even more pittoresque and not quite so busy.
Here is a little paradis to explore along the shore of Aude
Here is the view of the backside of the church also very impressive and beautiiful
Not everyone take a no for a no.
Boule is one of the national games in France. Every boy between 1 – 100+  plays that. Every town or place with self respect  has a field for Boule
Presentation is important
Fra Limoux
Leclerc is a chain of superstores, but to me they are not just any supermarket, they are so typically charming French. They are modern too, they don’t close their storers in “Midi” from 12:00 to 14:00
If you park your car under the Syrah sign it’s easily located when you come back
or the Sauvignon
This picture is from within the supermarket, to us Norwegians it’s kind of special to find bottles like this at the same place as food. It’s many an excellent meal at Maison Tranquille that starts at Leclerc in Limoux.
Please check the tourist information for more famous information, and enjoy the rest of the world here: mwtblack
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