Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My World no 6

At Maison Tranquille we have a little horse family that I have shown you three of before. Now I will show you the top mare, Mobilia and her daughter Shamona.  Vanessa, my grand daugther has been riding since she was very little. Here she is nearly 10 years. Being 10 years doesn’t make you tall enough for an Arabian horse, so it’s easier if you can find a plateau to mount from. Sometimes it’s good to just be stubborn or you’ll miss out of the fun. This place look good so Vanessa try the first time. Shamona is eating and doesn’t really care about what’s going on.
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_001_1
Every cat we have had is following the theater and attending the walks if they can,
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_002_2
No, this spot wasn’t high enough, off for the second try,
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_004_3
This is much better, steady Shamona,
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_006_4
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_007_5
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_009_6
Stay still Shamona,
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_011_7
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_013_8
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_014_9
Third try, the other way around. It’s ok to mount a horse from both sides, you just have to train the horse that things like that happens. Steady now,
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_015_10
One and two, and
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_016_11
and three,
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_017_12
keep still,
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_020_14
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_021_15
did you see that Mamie?
Maison Tranquille 20071013_Vanessa-Shamona-barbak_022_16
and her mother on Mobilia. Mobilia used to were shoes, wear a bridle and a saddle in her youth. Now she is very content wearing non of the above.    A real natural life.          
Maison Tranquille  20071013_ridetur_143
Then they are ready for walking
Maison Tranquille  20071013_ridetur_149
Maison Tranquille 20071013_ridetur_154
Bye, Mamie!  
Maison Tranquille 20071013_02820ET-Ridetur
This is a little bit of my world, be sure to enjoy more of the world here:
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