Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Who wrote on the sky?

In the morning of my sixtiest birthday I did as I usually did. I went up with the dawn of day and photographed the skyline outside my window. It could be a few photos each day which I usually picked out one or two, but this day, 30th of April 2009 I kept most of them when I saw what I had.
Then a guy called Espen Ottosen launched his new book: " Why don't God write on the sky?".
When I saw that title, I thought: "Maybe it's God who sent me a greething, or maybe not. Maybe it's one of my loved ones who sent me the message.
The series of photos show that it is no photoshopping done.
It started like this to the east.

 A rather dramatic sky

 A strange formation is appearing
 and moving slowly from east to west

 and it started to turn around

 the cloud turned 180 dgrs and an other formation drop in place.
Here you can seehe exclamation mark with a heart formed dot to the left and a question mark to the right of the little hilltop. Like someone wrote. Up until now life has been great ! , but what will the future be ?  If you go back to the first picture, you can see it more detailed.

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